Titanium Copper Clad Round Bar Ti- Cu Clad Flat Bar Anode

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  • Type:Titanium Copper Clad Round Bar

  • Origin:China

Product Description

titanium clad copper bus bar anode Specifications
1. Titanium Clad Copper Metal Rod 
2. Forming: Round, Square, Rectangle, Hex, Octagonal 
3. Ti+Cu; Zi+Cu  
4. ISO9001:2000
Titanium Cald Copper Metal Rod 
Material: TA1,TA2.etc 
cover thickness:0.5-3 mm 
primary thickness:above3.5mm 
Titanium copper cladding plate
Material: TA1, TA2, TA9, TA10/T, H, Q, B
Cover thickness:0.5-3 mm
Primary thickness: above 3.5mm
Length: less than12000mm
Application: Power industry, electrolysis industry, cooking utensils, hydrometallurgy, etc.
titanium clad copper bus bar anode:

Compound material product size table
implement national standard: GB/T12769-2003
Technology:rolled +stretch
definitionsection shape and size(mm)add materialadd materialSubstrate material
layer thickness

squarelength(20-40) r(3-8)1.0-2.0Ti,Zr,Ni,Stainless steelT2,TU2,AL,etc
wire materialDia(2.0-8.0)1.0-2.0
Application:Electroplating, electrolysis, wet metallurgy,, petroleum chemical industry,
Energy engineering, ocean engineering,Surface treatment, electrode manufacturing
Advantage:     1.Double metal composite bars production new technology patent certificate
                             2.Corrosion resistance, strong conductive.
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The strengths of Titanium clad copper bus bar anode:
-Low processing costs
-Big composite materials available with excellent metallurgical bonding by explosive welding process
-Fantastic corrosion resistance in strongly corrosive solutions due to outside Titanium layer
-Excellent conductivity and fully ductile for shaping and forming due to OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) Copper Core and Great weldability for
connecting, capping and joining
-Save 10%~30% energy in plating system
Application of Titanium clad copper bus bar anode:
1. Chemical industry
2. Petrochemical industry
3. Machining field, Automobile field, etc
4. Desalination of sea water
5. Textile printing and dyeing
6. Mobile phone component field

A. With advanced explosion-rolling process, we provide the first rate non-ferrous metal composites, mainly titanium clad copper and also including zirconium clad copper, 316L steel clad copper, titanium clad 316L steel plates, bars, tubes, composite wire, and multilayer clad composites, etc. The clad metal products could be up to four individual layers of metal or alloys. At minimum, there is a core and an outer layer, each layer thickness could be optimized to your needs.
B. Processed products of non-ferrous metal, mainly titanium fasteners, screws, nuts, flanges and bends;
C. Titanium and titanium alloy bars, rods, tubes, pipes, plates, sheets, wires, coils, foils, and sections with high machining precision;
D. Various kinds of equipment made of titanium, such as titanium heat exchanger, titanium tray, and titanium anodes.

Titanium clad copper bars and other non-ferrous metals clad composite materials.
Titanium clad copper bars have been made by that a copper bar is clad in a certain thickness of titanium level, it mainly uses as a conductor under more corrosive work conditions. It is often used as a stand in plating, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy processes, because it has not only the original conductive property of the copper bar, but also protecting the copper bar from corrode by titanium level, and can greatly lower pollution of electrolyte and electroplate.

But, if you request that the material has this function above, then you must be sure that there are much stronger combination strength and much higher pasting rate between the copper bars and the titanium level, this can not be met by traditional mechanical combination methods. So in order to overcome it, our company, with advanced explosion-rolling process, has successfully produced titanium clad copper bars with sheared strength ≥ 130 Mpa, compact rate ≥ 98%, we can also supply the various specification of round, square, flat bars material, the longest length of the bars can reach above 10 meters and we can weld different shape material together in according to the clients request. We could also make nickel clad bars, stainless steel clad copper bars, zirconium clad copper bars series products through the same process technology.

Properties for Titanium Clad Composites
(1) Shear strength: The shear strength is tested and guaranteed in accordance with GB, ASTM, and JIS.
(2) Tensile strength: The tensile strength is guaranteed.
(3) Ductility: Ductility of cladding metal is guaranteed in face bend (=cladding metal in tension), and the ductility of base metal is guaranteed in reverse bend (=cladding metal in compression).
(4) Elongation: The lower limit of the elongation of cladding or base metal is guaranteed.
(5) Hardness: The bonded interface is slightly hardened after explosion bonding.
The interface can be softened by heat treatment to an original level.
There exists no difficulty in bending and drawing works.
(6) Corrosion Resistance: Explosion bonding, a clad processing, guarantees excellent corrosion resistance of clad materials.
(7) High reliability; High conductivity; Biocompatibility; Weld ability; Cost effective.

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