Heat Exchanger from Juchengti has been delivered to India

     A few days ago, Baoji Jucheng Titanium Industry Inc.has successfully developed of the company in Indian market after a complete success in India chemical exhibition.It has laid a good foundation of selling the titanium materials and titanium equipments to India for the company.Recently,the company's foreign trade department added another good performance,successfully won the India order.The titanium heat exchanger is fully equipped for India on the afternoon of June 13th.

  Titanium heat exchanger was widely used in all kinds of seafood aquaculture,water heat,salt water heat,chemical engineering,food,medicine,metallurgy,refrigeration,light industry,electroplating industry,aluminum oxidation tank,salt manufacturing,papermaking,ultrasonic wave,electrommunication,central heating and other industries and fields as the main production equipment of Juchengti.The sale to india is also used in chemical industry,it has added an indelible market for the Indian titanium industry market.We believe that the company will abtain brilliant achievements in India,South Asia and even the entire foreign market with its good quality and credit guarantee.


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