Clad Metal; Metal Clad; Composite Materials

Basic Info
  • Type: Steel Plate

  • Technique: Explosive Welding

  • Special Use: High-strength Steel Plate

  • Size: Customized Specification

  • Specification: ISO, SGS

  • Application: Ship Plate, Boiler Plate, Container Plate, Flange Plate, Pressure Vessel

  • Stock: Not Stock

  • Origin: China

Product Description
Brief introduction:
With the metal explosion welding technology,we can clad of more than 320 metals,solving the problem of cladding of fragile metals and metals and metals different melting points.Our products have achieved national standards in the welding strength of metals with different composition.We can develop new metal dynamic combination compounds according to customer requiremetns.
Our products are broadly used in many fields, such as Aeronautics & Aviation, Ocean Engineering, Ship Manufacturing, Heat Exchanger, Machinery Equipment, Chemistry Industry, Metallurgical Equipment, Petroleum Refining Processes, Medical Equipment, Nuclear Engineering, etc.

Item-Available Specification
1copper and copper alloy clad plate
2aluminum and aluminum alloy clad plate
3stainless steel and stainless steel alloy clad plate
4titanium and titanium alloy clad plate
5nickel and nickel alloy clad plate
6special materials: lead-coper clad metals,lead-titainum clad metals, lead-aluminum clad metals,lead-steel clad metals,lead-aluminum-lead clad metals,silver-copper clad metals,silver-steel clad metals,silver-stainless steel clad metals,gold-copper clad metals,beryllium cobalt copper-copper clad metals,tool steel-steel clad metals,tantalum-steel clad metals,zirconium-steel clad metals,platinum-copper clad metals,etc.

Products advantages:
1.Wide applications: increased application flexibility,are not limited by the shapes or forms of materials.
2.Solid bonding of materials:Metallographic bonding of atoms among different materials caused by instant high temperature and pressure.
3.Higher yield strength,compared with the single metal before welding
4.Higer extensibility:the material of backer substrate is interstitual free steel which makes it can bear strong deformation.
5.Good processability:no layer cracking after many times of bending,cutting,and punching.
6.Excellent wear and corrosion resistance.
7.More performances, compared with the single metal before welding
8.Reduce the cost:the price of clad palte is lower than the cladder with special requirements,like titanium,nickel,stainless steel,etc. 

Trade term:
1.Lead time: 30-90days after we get the down payment
2.Payment term:down payment+ balance payment before shipment
3.Payment by T/T
4.Once you inquiry,please let us know what materials you need and its material trademark/grade,such as SS400,and the dimenstions of the product, and the usage of the product.
5.Kindly note samples can be sent per your request.

Welcome to contact with us.Thank you.