Air or other gas heating and cooling---Titanium Finned tube heat exchanger

Air or other gas heating and cooling---Titanium Finned tube heat exchanger

Titanium Finned tube heat exchanger is a modern industrial heat transfer equipment essential to the process, it is widely used in all industrial fields, especially in petrochemicals, metallurgy, power, textile, printing and dyeing, drying and other industries. In recent years, due to the environmental protection and energy saving policy, how to improve the finned tube heat exchanger performance attract the industry's attention. Its efficient heat transfer performance for the air (or other gas) heating and cooling, none of the other heat exchangers can be replaced utill now.

Finned tube is a core element consisting of highly efficient heat exchanger, its quality directly affects the performance of the heat exchanger, generally available type Al fin, copper fin, steel fin ect, Al fin and Al fin with MMO coating are popular for its efficient heat transfer performance.

Application: for air heating or cooling, medium can be used saturated steam, hot water, thermal oil or cooling water, ice brine etc.

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